Saturday, December 20, 2014

Scrap Metal Dealer Discovers Faberge Egg Worth $33 Million

 Dealer  finds one of  eight missing Faberge imperial eggs at a flea market. This is definitely  good fortune ! According to independent Faberge expert Geza von Habsburg said the egg is "absolutely genuine" more :

Monday, December 8, 2014

Brooklyn Musuem Presents:

Exhibitions: Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe

Christian Louboutin. "Printz," Spring/Summer 2013. Courtesy of Christian Louboutin. Photograph: Jay Zukerkorn
September 10, 2014–February 15, 2015
Robert E. Blum Gallery, 1st Floor
Killer Heels explores fashion’s most provocative accessory. From the high platform chopines of sixteenth-century Italy to the glamorous stilettos on today’s runways and red carpets, the exhibition looks at the high-heeled shoe’s rich and varied history and its enduring place in our popular imagination.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

These Sculptures Made Out Of Paper Will Blow Your Mind

A mans hobby turns him into an amazing Egg Sculpture Artist !

Vietnamese Artist Carves Eggshells into Stunning Works of Art

Vietnamese artist Ben Tre has the ability to  transform  a simple egg into the most  incredible work of art . Some of his pieces include celebrity portraits such as Albert Einstein, Mona Lisa and Queen Elizabeth. Most of time the shells are illuminated on the inside for greater effect, and are offered to his clients in encased glass globes to ensure protection of the sculptures.
 Ref:    story found on you tube

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

William James Glackens 1870-1938

Family Group, (1910-1911), National Gallery Washington,D.C.   

William James Glackens 1870-1938 was an American realist painter and primarily painted street scenes and snapshots of daily life,he worked as an illustrator for Newspapers and magazines.In 1904 he married Edith Dimock who was from Hartford and was also an Artist. He was known to be one of the founders of the Ashcan School of American Art.By 1910 Glackens had made a name for himself in the Art world and was often compared to Renoir. He assisted Albert C Barnes with establishing an art collection which was the basis for the Barnes foundation.
Glackens Artwork is currently on view at The Parrish Museum in Long Island. The exhibition  is an essential experience for anyone  fond of  Glacken's Artwork. He was clearly an artist who embraced his moment in time and his travels.The artists  focus of  strong color effects and vibrant color  reflect his emotions, his paintings weren't meant to closely mimic nature, but to use what ever colors necessary to express an emotion or feeling. His choice of color indicating his work was a celebration of life.

One of his most celebrated works is:
At Mouquin's 1905  at the Art institute of chicago
 Another one of my  favorites named ''Nude with Apple, is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.This  one is truly a master piece !

One of the  largest  known collections of Glackens Artwork is  housed at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, where an entire wing is dedicated to his work, it  holds around 500 of Glackens Arwork  in its collection.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Latin American Art Market is thriving in recent years ..........

   In recent years there has been a growing interest in The  Latin American Art Market and recent reports show that  and it will continue to grow there is clear evidence of the rise in demand and stability of this impressive market . Latin American's modern and contemporary masters, such as Fernando Botero, Ruffino Tamayo , Diego Rivera continue to show high demand, including new Artist,Oscar Murillo Colombian artist  born 1986, his painting ''untitled'' (2011)
went for an impressive $391,475 at the Christie's Postwar and Contemporary day sale in London 2013 .Another Artist worth mentioning is Beatriz Milhazes as one of Brazil's leading Contemporary artist, Her painting '' Meu Limao''
sold for $1.8 million against an estimate of $700.000-900,000 at Sotheby's New York in November 2012 .There has been an increase in the  presence of Latin American Artist at international affairs and with wealth increasing in these countries there will  be an increasing number of art patrons. Art Tactics reports that this year alone Latin American Art auctions sales in New York  totaled $ 34,247,600 between all  three auction houses.This number is comprised of artist from all Latin American countries with category covering all forms of art including painting, mutimedia, photography and sculpture.


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